Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Paul Donahoe, Gay Wrestler To Return To Porn?

The internets are abuzz with the rumor that Paul Donahoe will be returning to porn to do a live show tonight. This better not be one of those lame sweeps stunts!
Yes, someone on gay porn bulletin board Just Us Boys said that the live show schedule says that Nash, Donahoe's porn alias, would be performing in a live show at 7pm Pacific time. We have yet to confirm it's our Nash and not some horrible impostor (after all, Nash Lawler came from Fratpad, so maybe he's making a return visit?). And just cause he's appearing live doesn't mean he's whipping out his meat. Maybe he's just going to give us some wrestling tips. Shit, if he does it with his shirt off, he can tell us anything he likes.
We'll try to get some confirmation for you boys ASAP, but we have a feeling that with the added attention Fratmen's servers might go down faster than one of Donahoe's appointments on the mat.
· Fratmen Nash on Fratmen TV Live 5/13 (
(Who Knew today would be porn news day. I may stay late)

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