Monday, May 25, 2009

Allied Forces Liberated All But Gays From Nazi Death Camps

In eastern Alsace France, up a winding road from the village of Natzwiller, the Nazis built a labor camp, Natzweiler-Struthof, the only concentration camp on French soil. The inmates originally were German who were to supply labor for building V-2 factories in man-made caves dug out of the Vosges Mountains. The prisoners would live in the cold, damp tunnels as they built them.
1943 - Natzweiler-Struthof was expanded by the Nazis with the installation of a gas chamber and crematory for the mass killing of Jews, Gypsies, and gays from Holland, Belgium, and France.
Under Paragraph 175 of the German legal code, male homosexuality was punished by confinement to concentration camps, but not female lesbianism. After 1943, male homosexuals were forced to wear a pink triangle and were sent to the death camps.
Gays were continually exposed to the terror of the SS but also the latent prejudices of the rest of the camp population. The culminating points of their maltreatment in Buchenwald were the use of homosexuals in experiments to develop immunization against typhus fever and the attempt by an SS doctor to ''cure'' homosexuality through the implantation of sexual hormones.
The Americans did not repeal Paragraph 175 (the Nazi law that allowed for the confinement of gays) and while Allied Forces liberated all the surviving camp prisoners with one exception, homosexual inmates. They were relocated from the camps to other prisons. (SS doctors tried to cure gays by forced experiments. History does seem to repeat itself at least in some churches. Wonder if they studied the Nazi's findings when coming up with their "little experiments?"

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