Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons Vetoed Domestic Partner Bill

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons has carried through on his threat and vetoed a bill that would allow same- and opposite-sex couples to register as domestic partners and receive many of same rights as married couples have in the state.
The bill was passed by the Legislature earlier this month, despite the threat.
In a statement Monday, Gibbons said domestic partnerships are essentially the same as marriage and that the bill conflicts with a constitutional amendment approved by Nevada voters in 2002 limiting marriage to a man and a woman. Gibbons statement said that only the voters should be able to amend or undo provisions of the constitution.
The bill, however, makes it clear that domestic partnerships does not equal marriage. It would have given domestic partners the “same rights, protections, benefits, responsibilities, obligations and duties” as traditionally married couples, including the same divorce laws, such as those involving community property.

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