Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fox News says Matthew Shepard Bill is for Protecting "Necrophilia"

Criticizing Hate Crimes legislation Faux entertainer Sean Hannity set up the pins for Representative Steve King (phone number 202.225.4426) to knock down:

HANNITY: We're running out of time. Is it safe to say that Democrats were willing to protect pedophiles but not offer the same protection to servicemen and women? Is that an accurate statement?

KING: Sean, it is a matter of congressional record. Absolutely true...beyond any doubt whatsoever. The recorded votes are there to prove just what you've said. They... and on top of that, (Rep.) Alcee Hastings (D) from Florida, that spoke on the rules debate, and he read a list of about 30 different paraphilias... proclivities, I call them... including pedophiles, necrophilia, and a number of things that I wouldn't say on this program or any other. And he said I think all philias whatsoever should be protected by this law. That means every perversion that you can imagine would be special protected status under the Democrats' bill that passed off the... floor of the House of Representatives. (Media Matters)

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