Saturday, May 9, 2009

White House Dinner: Bow Ties Out!

White House Dinner: Most seem to be toning it down (due to the economy?) No since being seen in your best tux when people are eating spam. Not to worry they are not serving dessert so that they can give that money to the poor.
I must say the Repubs are in bow ties and Armani. Todd Palin is in a tux he will only say he "got it in Alaska". I guess that means "rented", a lot like his daughter. Ok, we hate to say this but, Michelle Obama's dress sucks, and the necklace, did she get it off a street vendor? (Fine jewels out plastic in)That aside President Obama's remarks rocked! He said that his kids were the ones that took air force one to New York and are now grounded. The president did say a joke (good) for marriage in Iowa.
At the Fox News table we noticed that the Glenn Beck looked a bit animated. After all the drunken crap he has done, we hope it was just water in his glass. We wish him the best with his sobriety issues.
Wanda Sykes just took the stage: I must say she was ON! She covered it all. One of her best lines was about if his presidency, now was know as the black president, went bad he would be known as the half white president. She slammed Palin and it got a huge laugh! Wanda nailed Rush Limbaugh! This was the joke heard round the world! PS: I don't know if the A/C was off or broken but it was hotter than hell in the Hilton tonight!
Now we are off to the Vanity Fair Bloomberg party! Can't wait to get some rebublican bottom boy. Mark- Azire Times

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