Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gay Murder Says He Didn't Mean To Kill The Queer

Surprise!!! Self-defense. That's what 16-year-old John Katehis is using as a defense to explain the repeated stab wounds that killed gay journalist George Weber. And now that Katehis is appearing in court, the (more) gruesome details are unfolding.

With Katehis' father crying in the courtroom (for the murder or because his son takes it up the ass) Friday for a preliminary hearing, the defendant's lawyer Jeffrey Schwartz told the court about all the things Weber did to his client. "It seems that Mr. Weber had this whole secret life that no one knew about," Schwartz says. "He lured (ok here we go again)John Katehis into his home. He plied him with alcohol and illegal drugs." (You know we queers really have to do this to get laid)

Acknowledging Katehis went to Weber's home to perform sex acts (suck cock and get f*cked) in exchange for $60, (A twenty and a subway token, from his looks) Schwartz is arguing it was Weber who plied him with alcohol and cocaine and "attempted to get him to do, some sadomasochistic sex to him. Um, the situation got out of control." (Out of control? He killed him!!!, This is the Bush era version of collateral damage!)

And as Katehis put in his own words: "I didn't mean to kill George. It was an accident. He pulled a knife on me, so I stabbed him. (50 times) He gave me something to drink and some coke. He asked me to do things I wasn't comfortable with." (What??? Take less than $60.00?)
PS: you may notice that we did not use the term alleged, sue us!

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