Friday, May 22, 2009

Anti-Discrimination Laws In The US

State of the States: Anti-Discrimination Laws in the US from the gay rights watch.
"We figured it would be a good time to show the status of anti-discrimination laws across the U.S., including those passed, in process and those killed by a legislature.
13 states and the District of Columbia currently have laws on the books banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Those states include: Minnesota; Rhode Island; New Mexico; California; District of Columbia; Illinois; Maine; Hawaii; New Jersey; Washington; Iowa; Oregon; Vermont; Colorado
7 states have laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation only.
Those states include: Wisconsin; Massachusetts; Connecticut; New Hampshire; Nevada; Maryland; New York
Pending legislation/killed legislation:Idaho bill died in committee (2/24/09)West Virginia passed bill in Senate (3/14/09)Kansas bill passed committee, now seems to be on hold (3/19/09)New Hampshire House voted 181-149 to kill bill adding Trans protection to existing anti-discrimination law (3/26/09)Delaware passed bill in House (3/27/09)North Dakota House killed bill (4/3/09)"

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