Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama To Military Hero: You're Fired!

Remember when Backtrack Barack Obama's press secretary made clear the president wouldn't intervene in military dismissals based on Don't Ask Don't Tell? And how Obama's military spokesperson made clear the president has no plans to actually repeal the policy? And how Obama's Pentagon spokes man Geoff Morrell just today made explicitly clear there are NO PLANS to end DADT? Well it looks like Obama is getting his wish. Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach has served Kuwait, attacked Taliban targets, and flew in Iraq, racking up a total of 88 combat missions over 4000hours. He's received a number of medals, including one that recognizes his heroism. And now?
He's being fired.
(Does no one know that our troops already serve with gays, we are in the UN and many countries that are members let gays serve)

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