Monday, May 18, 2009

Governor Gregoire Is For "Everything but Marriage"

Today Washington governor Christine Gregoire signed “The Everything but Marriage” domestic partnership bill that grants new rights related to unemployment, disability, insurance, adoption and child custody. Governor Gregoire said:
“Today we are strengthening Washington by strengthening families. From the first bill I signed in 2007 to today’s bills, we have proudly made immeasurable strides on behalf of LGBT individuals and families. This represents the culmination of incredible work to treat all Washingtonians equally.”
“Many brave families have come forward to share their lives, their struggles and their moments of joy hard-working men and women who are in committed relationships, raising children, attending their places of worship, and volunteering in their communities. After meeting these families, people have come to know that lesbian and gay families are no different than their own. And what has naturally followed is the unsettling notion that despite the sameness of straight couples and gay and lesbian couples, there are, in fact, legal barriers that prevent the same treatment.”
(The Atlantic)

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