Wednesday, May 20, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Prop 8 Ruling Rescheduled For Tuesday

What follows is a copy of our interview with a source who works in the California Supreme Court. He has been right on everything he has told us to date.
Thanks goes to Joe My God blog, who posted pictures of barricades in San Francisco, which motivated me to call an old friend of mine who works for the court. I never really expected him to share all he has. 1st post, 2nd post.

Here is the interview done at 5:20pm PCT today.

Lee Azire: I want to thank you again for agreeing to talk to me again. I know that I am pushing our friendship.

Source: Yeah, (laugh) you are. I never thought. (stops) never mind.

Lee Azire: No, go ahead.

Source: I never thought, it's just, that I would leak information from my job.

Lee Azire: Why are you? You could have said you didn't know anything when I first called you.

Source: Yes, but, you're persuasive. (chuckles)

Lee Azire: I'm not buying that, why did you tell me about the barricades when I first called you yesterday, and again this morning about the ruling being pushed back when the court realized the date was on the anniversary of the white riot?

Source:I want us (gay community) to be ready for this verdict, be prepared to react in a sane way.

Lee Azire: Why not tell a major news source? Why tell my month old blog? You could have reached a lot more people, or have you talked to others?

Source: No one else. You called at just the right time and I thought it would be over and done with today. When I told you that the barricades were for the ruling, I thought it would all be over today. And then when I came in this morning the whole situation had changed. And you called yelling that I was wrong.

Lee Azire: Alright then what happened today? Was it, as some have reported that Gavin Newsom stopped it?

Source: Definitely not. It is not done that way. The court does not take kindly to pressure, from anyone.

Lee Azire: Has there been pressure?

Source: Yeah, and then some. We get e-mails, calls, letters, it is amazing. I've been here a (redacted to protect source) and I've never seen anything this hot.

Lee Azire: Can you tell me when the court is going to rule?

Source:(long pause)

Lee Azire: Do you know?

Source: It's now scheduled for this Tuesday. Thinking today was it was after a long holiday, people would be out of town on the days prior, away from e-mails. On Tuesday, you know there would be the catch up at work after the holiday. People would have released a lot of energy you know, would inflammatory not being on the date (White Riot) and all. But, they (the court) can change the date again if they decide to. But, I don't think they will, not again.

Lee Azire: Do you know what it will say?

Source: No, the judges keep really tight on these cases. I doubt more than a handful of clerks even know the whole verdict.

Lee Azire: Any hints?

Source: I would say from the tenor and tone at work today it was not going to go our way.

Lee Azire: Is that just a guess or do you really know?

Source: I told you I don't know! But after you've been here(redacted to protect source) you learn the feel of the place.

Lee Azire: What was the "feel" that makes you think the ruling is in support of upholding prop 8?

Source: They moved the ruling date. Some worked late into the night. Things that just aren't done unless...It is just a feel.

Lee Azire: If you had to give a percent that they uphold prop 8 what would you guess?

Source: 80% to 90% It was a long shot to begin with.

Lee Azire: Wow, that high. Would you ever consider going on the record for us, with your name?

Source: Right, I would lose my job just like that. Never. (cursing and personal conversation redacted) I'm still a little pissed at you for sharing that I worked in the court.

Lee Azire: Sorry about that, another site kept saying the information was coming from the mayor's office (Gavin Newsom's), that I wanted to distance my report from that one. Anything else I should ask, or you want to share?

Source: I just want to go home eat and watch Idol.

Lee Azire: Thank you for talking to me again.

(personal conversation and good bye)
We must let our readers know that this is from ONE source. We have no way of getting a second confirming source. But, we thought it was important to bring this to our readers.


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