Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aussie Chicken Hawk Kills Chicken

Australian Chicken tycoon Gerardus Gerrit Heijne strangled his gay lover in the kitchen of their Perth penthouse because he stood in the way of a new life with a much younger male lover.
Opening the state's case in the West Australian Supreme Court yesterday, prosecutor Bruno Fiannaca said Mr Heijne strangled Frank Cianciosi, his partner of 25 years, and then placed the body under the covers of his bed.
He then set the airconditioner of their multi-million-dollar riverside penthouse in East Perth to 16C to preserve the body, Mr Fiannaca told a jury. He said Mr Heijne, now 45, later went to the house of his young lover, whose name has been suppressed, lay on his bed and told him, "I have killed Frank", before demonstrating how he had strangled him.
(Insert joke here)

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