Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grassroots Equality Network Endorses Rockstar Boycott

"Grassroots Equality Network has decided to officially endorse a boycott of Rockstar Energy Drink.
Why is Rockstar worth boycotting? Rockstar was Created by Michael(Weiner)Savage and his wife Janet. Janet is the current CFO, and their son Russell is the CEO.
Janet Weiner:
Gained some notoriety in 2001 when they stumbled across a pair of filmmakers videotaping cops rousting some panhandlers in North Beach. With foul language, they accused the filmmakers -- who taped the entire confrontation -- of being "communist scum" contributing to "this filthy, drug- ridden vermin city." "Leave the police alone, you a--," Savage said, according to one published account of the incident. "Let them do their f-- jobs. Who the hell are you? You're nobody. You're garbage. You're street s-- . . . . You're f-- vermin." The police, who had given their permission for the filming, ultimately told Savage and Weiner to move on.
Michael (Weiner)Savage:
On his February 26, 2007 broadcast, Savage commented on Melissa Etheridge's acceptance speech for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards, in which she thanked her long time partner Tammy Lynn Michaels, with whom she has raised two children. He said, "I don't like a woman married to a woman. It makes me want to puke...I want to vomit when I hear it. I think it's child abuse."
On his March 20, 2007 Savage Nation talk show, he referred to a transgender murder victim as a "freak" and a "psychopath," stating that the victim "should have been in a back ward in a strait jacket for years, howling on major medication... What's this sympathy, constant sympathy for sexually confused people? Why should we have constant sympathy for people who are freaks in every society? I didn't say hurt the freaks. I didn't say do anything to the freaks. But you know what? You're never gonna make me respect the freak. I don't want to respect the freak. The freak ought to be glad that they're allowed to walk around without begging for something."
On the air, he says he is worried about "degenerates on the left who want to sell Americans on the idea that homosexuality, bisexuality, trans-sexuality, even sex with animals is normal."
Host of a conservative radio show that is heard by the third largest amount of stations, behind Rush and Sean Hannity
Co-Founder the Paul Revere Society with his son Russell.
Russell Weiner:
was raised by both bigot parents, and co founded the Paul Revere Society which stands for
Make tax cuts permanent.
Close the borders now.
Deport all illegal immigrants now.
Eliminate bilingual education in all states.
Require health tests for all recent foreign born immigrants.
Lets make this clear, we are not supporting a full boycott of their distributor PepsiCo. due to their historic track record of being very supportive of the LGBT community
What can you do to help with the boycott?
Spread the word- Tell all of your friends about the creators and current leadership of Rockstar."
For more information on this boycott or on Grassroots Equality Network click here.

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