Saturday, May 23, 2009

Six Flags To Host Sean Hannity Event

Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey will host a benefit concert on August 15, 2009 sponsored by ABC's top-rated hate jock Sean Hannity. This charity event will raise funds for Freedom Alliance. (Freedom Alliance is a multi-purpose right-wing charity founded by FOX news host Oliver North.) Records show that 81.5% of the money raised goes to "Program Expenses." The far right extremist, Thomas Kilgannon is president of this "charity". His salary is listed as being 2.4% of the "charity's" entire budget.
The live concert will include country singers Billy Ray Cyrus, Charlie Daniels, Michael W. Smith and Lee Greenwood.Ollie North will make a guest appearance at this event. (We were hoping for Ann Coulter singing God Bless America while twirling a flaming baton.)

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