Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gay Mayor Resigns To Be With Lover

J.W. Lown has left his position as mayor of San Angelo to pursue a personal relationship.
Lown said in a telephone call late Wednesday afternoon from Mexico that he has started a relationship with someone who does not have legal status in the United States.
Lown said he did not want to take the oath of office knowing he was “aiding and assisting” someone who was not a citizen.
“I made the final decision when I knew it was the right decision to make for me and my partner and our future — and for the community,” he said.
The mayor declined to identify the person.
“I don’t want to give his name,” Lown said.
Lown was scheduled to take the oath of office Tuesday for his fourth term as mayor but did not appear at the event.

click to enlarge and read letter from mayor.

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